Revolutionize employee health and satisfaction while boosting workplace dynamics. Join hands with Lucky Girl Health & Wellness to create a thriving work environment that supports holistic well-being.

I can help your employees cultivate a lifestyle of optimal wellness through fun, engaging, and high-quality group and private coaching experiences.

Research demonstrates the value of workplace wellness and its positive impact on physical and mental health, absenteeism rates, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. Empower your team to work with an integrative nutrition health coach for improved morale, mental health, and physical well-being. This holds remarkable benefits even for decentralized geographically dispersed businesses, enhancing company culture across distances. Tailored to teams of 8 – 14 employees, our program ensures a personalized and impactful journey toward holistic wellness.

What to expect from your customized program:

  • Engaging monthly challenges that inspire enthusiasm and achievement.
  • Employees empowered with holistic health knowledge for informed lifestyle choices.
  • Elevated wellbeing, morale, energy, and workplace performance.
  • Diminished sick leave through improved employee health.
  • Employees acknowledged and rewarded with challenge incentives.
  • Fostered camaraderie and motivation, boosting morale.
  • Heightened sense of value and recognition for employees.
  • Improved group dynamics as mutual respect deepens.

Each program includes the following:

  • Kick-off call to introduce the program
  • Engaging and high-value Monthly Challenge Calls on diverse topics
  • 1:1 Health History Consultations with every employee
  • Private Monthly Check-In Calls (incentivized)
  • Follow-up emails from Stacey

Elevate your workplace wellness! Contact me today and let’s co-create a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment.

ready to create a happier, healthier workplace?

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SEE THE CLIENT transformations.

It’s just a complete paradigm shift. I’m now noticing that there are some narratives I tell myself that can be edited or done away with, and that there are real changes I can make and sustain. Before working with Stacey, there were things I thought I couldn’t do–now I realize those were just constructs that can be torn down and replaced with empowerment.

Crystal Clemente

I always appreciate the accountability to do what I set out to do – and the help with new or enhanced strategies I can use in achieving my goals. Being able to articulate what I want to accomplish and having the tools to track my progress and then talk through it has been really helpful. In particular, and most recently, working on taming my inbox took me out of a state of such stress and overwhelm … I just can’t articulate how big of a burden it was. The strategies and tools Stacey shared helped me be more productive AND kept me sane!

Kimberlee Langford

Stacey is always so uplifting and encouraging! I have learned so much over the past year or so and the program has helped with everything from sleep to time management. I am eating mostly healthy, sleeping better, paying closer attention to how I do things (movement) and how much time I waste on things like Facebook. It’s been awesome!

Laurel Hays

I’ve been able to completely transform my life by narrowing my focus, allowing myself to prioritize the most important two or three things day-to-day, that set me up for success and create a sustainable foundation for joy by virtue of a holistic approach to my personal health and well-being.

Craig Clemente

Stacey’s monthly challenges and 1-on-1 calls have really helped me adjust in many aspects of life. Lately, her summer “Wellness Wednesday” has been a good tool to break up the day and take 20 mins to us, understanding the importance of that mid-day break.

Jordan Goldman

Stacey’s programs, guidance and coaching have proved invaluable in the improvement of not only my work life but also my personal life, as long as I put in the required effort to work towards my goals. I thoroughly enjoy most of the monthly challenges and appreciate the support I receive from Stacey. I love that she has helped me to pivot and adjust my goals as necessary and that she has helped me to adjust my perspective regarding where I am with said goals and what I am currently able to achieve based on the ever-changing demands of my work and personal life. From the bottom of my heart Stacey, thank you for everything that you have done to support me and help me to improve the quality of my life!

Lyndsi Carter

I’m very grateful for the experience I had with Stacey’s monthly Mastermind calls. They provided valuable insights, strategies, and practical tools to improve everyday workflow and elevate my career in the long-term. Additionally, these calls provided the opportunity for positive team building in a remote work environment. The guidance given by Stacey has been instrumental in helping me achieve my professional development goals and I would not hesitate to recommend her programs!

Jessica Felter

Accountability on challenges, reinforcement on changes I’ve made.

Kasia Jones