book club+

hosted by stacey friedman

The Untethered Soul
by Michael A. Singer

The Details

  • Study Starts: Wednesday, August 5th 
  • Study Meets: Each Wednesday for 5 weeks online via Zoom at 8 pm EST
  • Study Hosted By: Stacey Friedman, Certified Practitioner

In 2007, The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer was first published, asking readers “Who are you really?” and inviting us on a spiritually transformative journey to find inner peace and freedom from our limitations. (watch the trailer here)

What is Book Club+ ?

Book Club PLUS is an active book study that moves women from being passive observers to active participants in a like-minded community, dedicated to personal growth. Literature is enhanced when we actively discuss, apply, and share different perspectives – often bringing words beyond intellect and into our heart.

As a certified HMR practitioner, Stacey will weekly bring her knowledge and hold positive space for you to go deep, get personal, and apply relevant teachings from the book to your life. Also included is a one to one session with Stacey that you can personalize to unlock further and get the most out of this powerful series.

This is a time to connect and share, to be rejuvenated, inspired and equipped. No matter what age or state of life you’re in, this weekly time of exploring through reading and expression will strengthen your sense of self and awaken you to new thoughts and possibilities!

What You’ll Gain From This

  • Self-Awareness as we explore how you personally interact with your thoughts and emotions
  • Energy as we break patterns of habits not serving you
  • Connection with your inner-self. This may be new or a re-connection and invitation to go deeper
  • Transformation of Limited Beliefs into Freeing Thoughts of Possibility
  • 10x Benefit by engaging within a facilitated group of like-minded sisters
  • Refreshed Focus as you invest in yourself through this experience weekly
  • 1:1 Session with Stacey, included to go deeper and unlock further

“This is not your average book club, nor is it for the fainthearted! The books are deep, moving, and challenging, but so, so rewarding. The community I have found in this club is like nothing else in my life: a 100% safe space to explore and grow. So grateful to Stacey for creating this group!” – Margaret C.

“Wow! This is profound stuff. I explored topics I thought were taboo. It is incredibly impactful to be held, welcomed and even encouraged to share and explore those thoughts and feelings I thought I had to cover up, deny and hide my entire life.” – Julie L.

“Stacey, your book club gives me the community and connection I need. You are understanding and supportive and you know when to dig deeper and when to hold space. Thank you! Xoxo – Pam

“The support , the insight and the connection has been a beautifully empowering resource as I peel back the layers of conditioning that we all experience in this life, to reach down deep, help me gain clarity and awareness in what rings true for me.” – Tara

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