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Sacred Mondays is a brand-new container for highly sensitive people that will provide you time and space to ground into the new year and focus on your weekly intentions.

What is a sacred Monday?

Each Monday we meet, Stacey will lead you through a few grounding exercises to connect you to your physical body (breathwork or somatic exercises) and a spiritual activation to connect you to your higher self (card pull, journal prompt or guided meditation).

Then you’ll be asked to set your intention for the week and share it with the group if you desire. You will use the rest of the time to take some small action—a step that feels aligned as you gear up for an intentional week.

How you can use your sacred Monday to prepare for the week…

  • calendaring
  • business planning
  • journaling
  • meditation
  • arranging your altar space
  • meal planning
  • creating lists
  • organizing your work space
  • connect with someone in a breakout room
  • on-the-spot coaching from Stacey

You can literally do anything you like during this period of accountability that will best support you.

As always, when like-hearted community comes together like this, big magic inevitably happens — so connections, collaborations and creations should be expected!

What’s the schedule?

Sacred Mondays begins Feb. 6 and runs throughout the year. Join any time!

READY TO join?

Curious to see if Sacred Mondays is right for you?
$44 to drop in any time!
Stacey Friedman
Lucky Girl Health