Is the Lucky 7 Reset right for you?

Do You Feel…
Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
Lack of motivation?
Bloating or constipation?
Constant cravings?
Brain fog?
Stiffness or aches?
Just stuck in your life?
Suspicious that the food you are eating is sabotaging your physical or emotional health?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a cleanse may just be the perfect thing for you!
What is the Lucky 7 Reset Experience?
I can’t wait to guide you through a  gentle, whole foods, plant-based cleanse. 
When you register below, you’ll get:
  • guidebook
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For 7 lucky days, you will pamper your body by eating delicious, whole foods and implementing self care routines. Through eliminating the most common irritants/allergens for the week (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, soy, corn, gluten, dairy, eggs, and peanuts) you will gain the gift of renewal and allow your body to clean itself from the inside out! Many of these foods can cause a variety of symptoms in your body and overtax your organs and digestive system. Your body will thank you for this rest!
When the cleanse is over, you’ll have new meal ideas, recipes, tips for total body detoxification, and the amazing blessing of healthy eating intuition to take with you!  You will learn how to tap in to your body’s needs by exploring which foods work for and against your unique body when we slowly and thoughtfully transition out of the cleanse.
I had a life-changing experience doing my first cleanse! I lost 4 pounds, gained energy, clarity, and felt more spiritually aligned in my life.* Don’t just take my word for it, though. Read below about some of the incredible results my clients experienced!
*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. I am not a registered dietician or a nutritionist. I am sharing this experience in hopes that it can work for you the same way it did for me. Always consult a doctor before making any big changes to your diet.

“On day 14 of my 7 day cleanse I’m down 8 pounds, have more energy, more patience, fewer joint aches and pains, and just generally happier! I highly recommend!” – Stephanie P.

I am not new to the energy healing profession but I have to say that this session with Stacey truly blew my mind and left me both speechless and painless. I highly recommend this work to anyone with trauma or chronic body pain.” – Danna Y.

“Stacey’s knowledge and insight is invaluable. I am so glad she was the one to guide me through the Cleanse! I highly recommend it! Thank you Stacey!” – Kristin W.

“Thank you, Stacey! YOU gave me the encouragement, knowledge and inspiration to join your Cleanse! I am back in charge of what I put in my body.” – Laura G.