Heal Your Pain

Healing Your Pain With HMR®

$222 / 1 session (1.5 hours)
$555 / 3 sessions bundle

Holographic Memory Resolution® (developed by Brent Baum) is a new bodymind approach that allows expedient access to past memories and helps to achieve resolution of the painful emotions associated with such events without having to “re-live” such experiences and without affecting historical memory. This technique is profoundly empowering to the [client] who becomes his/her own source of healing. To learn more, visit

Sessions can be done in-person or virtually.

H.e.a.l. Program

$3333 / 6 months of deep healing

H: Honor your body by releasing the pain it energetically stores
E: Excavate and reframe the memories causing you emotional/physical pain
A: Awaken to your trauma-induced patterns of thinking/behaving & rewrite them
L: Live a more present, peaceful, pain-free life!

The goal of this H.E.A.L. program is to help you access your body’s brilliant, innate wisdom to heal the emotional, memory-based pain of your past. It is also geared towards helping you identify your trauma-based patterns of thinking so that you can update them. The end goal of this program is to increase your body’s overall immunity and feelings of lightness, self-compassion, self-love, and empowerment. There will be 12 bi-weekly sessions

Some or all of the following are included in each bi-weekly session:

  • HMR® Sessions
  • Integration Sessions
  • Somatic Embodiment Teachings
  • Tapping
  • Regulation Strategies
  • Letter Writing
  • Journaling
  • Other excercises to support your healing and empowerment journey

Using HMR techniques Stacey led me through investigating pain or tension in my physical body and the emotional experience that it was holding. I’m not usually comfortable crying in front of other people, but Stacey has such a non-judgmental, kind, loving, attentive presence that it was no big deal. Holding space for others is a skill and Stacey is very good at it.” – Sara R.

I have been able to recognize the traumas that have held me in a state of fear for 45 years. We worked on releasing them in HMR. Stacey is so present, kind and giving that these sessions flowed so naturally.” – Jacquie O.

I would truly recommend Stacey and her healing modality to anyone looking to resolve inner traumas or take care of baggage they want to finally leave behind.” – Rachel

I am not new to the energy healing profession but I have to say that this session with Stacey truly blew my mind and left me both speechless and painless. I highly recommend this work to anyone with trauma or chronic body pain.” – Danna Y.

“My HMR session with Stacey was nothing short of life-changing. I experienced deep healing in a way I never had before.” – Mary F.