HERSELF is a guided group journey of healing and empowerment for the female empath ready to reclaim Herself.

And laughing through tears at her own reflection, she could clearly see, maybe for the first time ever…


Throughout this living, breathing immersive experience she will…

Heal the pain in her body

Let go of the false stories that plague her mind

Resolve the unserving patterns playing out in her life that block her from joy, peace, authentic self-love and being Herself

Be lovingly guided and supported in safe sisterhood

Be provided with all the resources she needs to feel safer, stronger, more confident and powerful in her life

Heal her core wounds and practice tools and strategies to help her flourish and find inner peace

Create a more robust nervous system for herself and learn to master her own energy

As a result of this transformation of healing, unlearning and rediscovery, she will ignite her divine intuition and become a powerful new version of Herself, the one she came here to be.

  • 15 Private Sessions with Stacey (coaching or HMR®)

  • 3 Celebration Days

  • Private FB Group for HERSELF members only

  • 2 Group Support Sessions for the 80%’ers in your life

  • 9 Group Training Calls

  • 1 Swamp Event

  • 3 Soul Circles

are you ready to step in and experience massive, liberating transformation?

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Why is this journey best taken with other women?

Though some HSP’s and Empaths may be introverted and feel vulnerable in groups, this container will be small. There is so much power in being witnessed in your evolution. Research shows that like-minded community is key to happiness, change and transformation. Even though each woman is on a different stage of her Empath Journey, you will benefit from hearing each of your sister’s stories and celebrating her growth. There is nothing more powerful than doing this work with your Soul Tribe.

Can I do this work privately with Stacey if I want to? Instead of in a group?

Please set up a private call with Stacey to explore why you desire to work privately, as opportunities for private support are already built into the program and doing this work with others is going to provide you opportunities for exponential growth. No doubt if you’re considering this program, you’ve already begun to understand that lone-wolfing it is no longer working. Stacey can’t recommend enough the power of Tribe and doing this work collectively.

What is Stacey’s background?

Stacey is a thriving HSP and empath, #1 international best-selling author, educator, spiritual teacher, trauma-informed empowerment & integrative nutrition health coach, certified practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution® and has a certificate in Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies. She is the wife of a loving 80%er husband, mother of two 20%er kids and an Enneagram #2 (of course!). She has studied live with trauma experts Brent Baum, Linda Thai and Bessel van der Kolk and her work is heavily influenced by the research of Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Richard Schwartz (founder of Internal Family Systems), Dr. Judith Orloff, Dr. Elaine Aron, Byron Katie, Martha Beck, Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena) and Heather Dominick (founder of A Course in Business Miracles for Highly Sensitive Leaders). She likes to think of herself as a combination of spiritual mentor, coach with a feminist edge and loving midwife of the soul.

What is the Investment for this program?

Please e-mail Stacey to go over pricing at luckygirlhealth@gmail.com. Better yet, you can
book a free 30 minute Freedom Breakthrough Call to discuss if this program is a fit for you.

Have questions about the program components, scheduling, pricing, or more?

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