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Honor Your Body!

We live in a toxic food environment, so eating in a way that honors our temple bodies is not an easy task! What we eat affects us at the cellular level– our food literally becomes our bodies. When our food is full of irritants, chemicals, and junk— is it any wonder that our bodies suffer the consequences? The first time I gifted myself a week of eating nourishing foods and eliminating the rest, I discovered just how profoundly my poor diet had been affecting my mood, energy, bowels, confidence, libido, thoughts, and spirituality. Food changes everything!

Lucky 7 Reset


Honor your body with the gift of 7 days of nourishing, healthy, delicious food! This gentle, mostly plant-based, whole foods “cleanse” will give your body a sacred week to rest and reset. Register to get my comprehensive Guidebook, Recipe Book with suggested meal plans, Daily Journal, Daily E-mails, and Transitioning Out Guide that will help you every step of the way. You’ll also be invited to participate in my Lucky 7 Reset Facebook group for online support and additional tips!

Holistic Health Coaching

3 months / $1000
6 months / $2000

There’s no “one size fits all” way to healthy eating. If you’re ready to discover what works best for your body and be coached on how to make healthy eating a sustainable way of life, then you’re in the right place! If you struggle with cravings or food addictions, don’t worry— you’ll learn what’s underneath them as well and how to free yourself from their hold. Don’t let food rob you of your health or joy one more day!

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“On day 14 of my 7 day cleanse I’m down 8 pounds, have more energy, more patience, fewer joint aches and pains, and just generally happier! I highly recommend!” – Stephanie P.

I am not new to the energy healing profession but I have to say that this session with Stacey truly blew my mind and left me both speechless and painless. I highly recommend this work to anyone with trauma or chronic body pain.” – Danna Y.

“Stacey’s knowledge and insight is invaluable. I am so glad she was the one to guide me through the Cleanse! I highly recommend it! Thank you Stacey!” – Kristin W.

“Thank you, Stacey! YOU gave me the encouragement, knowledge and inspiration to join your Cleanse! I am back in charge of what I put in my body.” – Laura G.

“I recently signed up to participate in the Cleanse. What an enlightening experience! Stacey kept me engaged by checking in daily, sharing creative recipes and food prep techniques, and asking thought-provoking questions.” – Amy H.

“I noticed that I slept better, had more energy and most importantly my stomach didn’t hurt at all during the week and on top of all that I lost 6 pounds! Never once did I feel deprived of yummy meals and snacks!” – Keli B.

“My HMR session with Stacey was nothing short of life-changing. I experienced deep healing in a way I never had before.” – Mary F.