Goddess Coaching

Awaken your Goddess!

What Is Goddess Life?


Join me in this virtual book club where we explore Regena Thomashauer’s book, Pussy: A Reclamation. Yes, it’s a controversial title, but what I believe is so valuable about it is the education it provides about the patriarchal culture we live in and the importance of staying connected to our inner knowing and desires. It houses a treasure chest of tools to practice, as well as highlights one woman’s experience through her own goddess evolution. Be ready to dive into real, juicy and sometimes triggering discussions. This book club runs for 9 consecutive weeks.

Next start date:  Feb. 21!

Awakened Goddess Coaching

Group Coaching, 9 weeks: $1000
Individual Coaching, 12 sessions: $2000

Love working with others? This 9-week group coaching program will provide an opportunity for you to connect weekly with an intimate group of like-minded women who desire to release their inner goddess. Together, you’ll be guided to discover your deepest desires, heal your patriarchal wounds, and celebrate your unique divine light! Below is an outline of some of what will be covered.

Prefer one-to-one attention? This coaching is offered individually as well.


  • Self-assess where in your life you feel empowered vs. disempowered
  • Activate the goddess vision with a unique guided meditation
  • Birth your Divine Desires list
  • Heal the patriarchal wounding throughout the energy centers of your body with Holographic Memory Resolution®
  • Practice tools to honor your emotional body
  • Do guided writing to help you reframe your limiting beliefs
  • Create your Awakened Goddess Guide

“I feel that I am a “lucky girl” and I’m looking forward to continued work
with Stacey!” – Jackie G.

“Stacey awakened my quest for spirituality and finding peace within my busy life. This was the change my life needed.” – Collette

“From the moment I met her I felt like we had been best friends for years. She was so easy to talk to and I loved being able to speak freely without feeling judged in the slightest.” – Kristin W.