Embracing Esther’s Courage

Energetic Protection & Emotional Resilience for the Highly Sensitive Goddess

Are you a Highly Sensitive Goddess, ready to transform overwhelm and exhaustion into empowerment? Welcome to Phase 1 of your journey where you’ll harness the power of your sensitivity to thrive in a world that often feels too intense. Inspired by the wisdom of Queen Esther, this program invites you to embrace the tools for energetic protection and emotional resilience. Join us on this 3-month transformative voyage and become the bright star you were meant to be.

Phase 1: Energetic Protection is the first step on your path to embracing your inner goddess and nurturing your sensitivity. This program is designed to guide you from feeling lost in the sea of emotions to understanding, embracing, and ultimately leveraging your unique gifts.

unleashing the highly sensitive goddess

An HSG is a remarkable woman who has chosen a path of deep soul growth. She knows herself, honors her sensitivity, and radiates divine light. Her mission is to unite with her inner brilliance and share it with the world.

Do you any of these challenges resonate with you?

– Overwhelmed by a sea of emotions

– Drained from absorbing others’ feelings

– Struggling to identify or voice your needs

– Challenged by setting healthy boundaries

– Feel like a lone wolf and have trouble asking for help

– Tired of putting everyone’s needs before your own

ways you’ll grow on this journey

– Gain emotional resilience

– Cultivate inner strength

– Embrace your unique sensitivity

– Find your voice and express yourself

– Set healthy boundaries

– Discover your true needs

– Prioritize self-care

– Let go of guilt and self-doubt

goddess crystal inspiration

Like Queen Esther, who protected her people and whose name translates to “bright star”, you too can protect and shine your light in the world. It’s your time to go within and do the inner work, to trust your soul’s divine timing. We will be channeling the energy of this divine goddess.

Labradorite is the crystal that will support this three month container. It will provide protection for your inner growth journey, acting as a shield against toxic draining energies. This stone is known for its changing colors, so it is no surprise that it is an aid of transformation, enhancing inner strength and self worth.

join our sisterhood

If you’re ready to embrace your sensitivity as the superpower it is, embark on this 3-month journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. It’s your time to rise.

the transformation, month by month

the transformation,
month by month

3 Live Classes with Stacey on Zoom:

 class 1 (october 2): emotional literacy

Learn all about the lifespan of emotions and the wisdom behind them. Become empowered with healthy tools to move them through your body so you can return to your true essence.

class 2 (november 6): boundary brilliance

Embrace your divine right to honor your intuition and ask for what you need. Practice the art of holding healthy boundaries through mindset shifts and fun role-playing!

class 3 (december 4): energetic hygiene

Explore the topic of energetic hygiene and learn powerful rituals to stay safe among energy vampires and toxic environments. Learn how to ground, protect and clear like a goddess!

Additional Features of the Program:

Throughout the program, you’ll have exclusive access to Stacey’s monthly Goddess Circles on Zoom. These gatherings provide a safe, sacred space for you to connect, share, and grow with your newfound sisterhood.

You will discover the power of self-love with a specially curated practice designed to help you embrace and honor your emotions that will go along with the theme of each month.

Immerse yourself in a soothing guided meditation tailored to enhance your emotional awareness.

Explore your feelings and thoughts with our monthly journaling prompts, tailored to the theme of emotional wellness.

A private, custom call with Stacey to activate your unique Goddess energy and help you stand in your power.

the energetic investment…

We all know that transformation is priceless, but we also understand the importance of honoring an energetic exchange by making this journey accessible.

Embracing Esther’s Courage: Energetic Protection & Emotional Resilience is available to you with an energetic investment of just 3 monthly payments of $150, totaling $450.

This commitment to your growth not only ensures your place in this exclusive cohort but also reflects our dedication to your empowerment.

Ready to invest in yourself and embark on this life-changing journey? Reserve your spot today.

Hello, I’m
Stacey Friedman…

a thriving highly sensitive empath, #1 international best-selling author, educator, spiritual teacher, trauma-informed empowerment & integrative nutrition health coach, and certified practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution® with a certificate in Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies.

AND… more importantly I’m just a real woman, wife, mom and coach living a magical life as a (HSG) Highly Sensitive Goddess, sent here to help you do the same!

This is not just a program; it’s a profound pilgrimage of self-discovery and transformation.

Each month, you’ll receive valuable insights, practical tools, and the unwavering support of Stacey and your fellow goddesses. Are you ready to embrace your sensitivity, set boundaries, and protect your energy?

Join us and start your journey toward becoming the empowered, radiant goddess you are meant to be.

Limited spots available for Phase 1: Energetic Protection. Reserve your place now and start your transformation in October.

see the client transformations

Stacey has been such a gift in my life. She held my hand with such acceptance as I explored whatever memory needed to surface. Her ability to hold a safe space where I could heal was paramount to my experience. Her way of guidance and the encouragement for me to explore is so balanced with soft tenderness and strong conviction and validity that I could go deep faster. It’s been an absolute blessing to have Stacey guide my inner healing.


In a sea of health and life coaches, Stacey stands out for the power, depth and true lasting change of her work. If you are a woman who is overwhelmed by her responsibilities, feeling lost, burned out and dealing with chronic health issues, Stacey is a powerhouse of love, brilliance, empowerment and healing magic. With her ultra nurturing, gentle way, she is a wizard at helping you unearth, resolve and rewrite the underlying emotions, beliefs and causes of any imbalances, be they physical or emotional and guide you to take control of your life again once again. This is for the woman ready to stop giving herself away and taking care of everyone but herself (and all the endless irritation, depression, illness and angst that usually accompanies that) and ready to actually feel alive, joyous, centered, cared for and free once again. The work is powerful, life-changing and simply beautiful. Don’t wait another day.


Stacey is intuitive, empathic, approachable and incredibly authentic. She has this amazing ability to see people in their authenticity within minutes of meeting them, thus leading to real, honest conversation. She does this with wonderful approachability, trust, and kindness while always respecting established boundaries. It’s easy to share with her and feel safe. When she gives feedback or insight it’s with permission, sincere intention, and direct. She is warm and intuitive naturally, so you’re able to have direct conversation without it ever feeling forced. She has an unyielding ability to hold space for others emotionally and meet them where they’re at and as they are, with incredible patience.


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Stacey Friedman, CINHC, CHMRP

Health & Empowerment Coach,
HMR®️ Practitioner, Empath Educator