Training Lab

Learn and practice tools & techniques that support the 4 Pillars for Empath Health

What is an empath?

After discovering I am both an empath and an HSP, so many things suddenly became clear. So that’s why… So that’s why… So that’s why… The light bulbs went on like fireworks for days. This new framework has helped me understand my sensitivities in a whole new way. It gave me context for how and why I experience the world so intensely and deeply.

​​For many empaths, having so many sensitivities that can feel like a huge weight on the body, mind and spirit.

When I realized that I belonged to both these groups (HSP and empath), I felt like I had gained membership into a new club– and that was pretty exciting. Yet, I wondered if it were possible that someone like me (part of the 20% minority) could eventually thrive in a world designed mostly by and for the other 80%?

​Was there some magic formula out there I could use to help me live an empowered, vibrant life as a busy wife, mom, business owner, coach, educator & healer? Or was I forever doomed to live a lifetime of shame as “that crazy lady” who cries during game shows, leaves parties early, and wears noise-cancelling headphones at her kids’ karate classes? 😉

Here’s the truth.

​I’ve learned to love my superpowers! They no longer drain me or burn me out and I feel so much self-love and acceptance of my uniqueness. It has taken some education and practice to get to this place, and what I’ve learned is that to truly empower yourself as an empath, you must be taught how to understand, own and care for your sensitivities.

​Through years spent studying this topic, I’ve adopted a system of energy management and self-care practices that address what I call the 4 Pillars for Empath Health. They are Grounding, Protection, Clearing, and Daily Self Care. As a result, I’ve learned to manage my energy from a harmonious place of power, not panic. I’ve even figured out what my own energy feels like so I can return to it when my boundaries feel porous. My superpowers have become even more magnified which has led to massive self-growth in my life and business, not to mention an increase in feelings of healing, joy and peace!

​These are just some of the positive shifts I’ve personally experienced:

  • I know when I’m around energy vampires and protect myself.
  • I can be in a crowd without anxiety.
  • I schedule time for self-care without feeling guilty.
  • I know when and how to say no to others with ease.
  • I can be near low-vibration people without feeling triggered or compromised.
  • I feel compassion for others but no longer take on their pain.
  • I hold space for my children, husband, friends and clients without feeling drained. 
  • I feel and embody my emotions without shame or apology.
  • I communicate my needs to others with clarity and confidence.
  • I feel deep love for myself and embrace my uniqueness.
  • I don’t ever second-guess my intuition anymore!

​Holy transformation!

​If you’re an empath, I know you get it when I say that without knowing how to honor our sensitivities, they can inadvertently rob us of our life force. Too often really caring and sensitive people like us end up battling exhaustion, overwhelm, isolation, anxiety, depression, excess emotional & physical weight, a lack of self confidence, auto-immune disease and other health problems. I believe the best way to live a healthy life as an empath is through learning and practicing in community with others who understand our challenges and joys because they’ve been there, too.

​I’m so stinking excited to share all that I’ve learned from the experts plus everything I’ve discovered on my own journey that has taken me from exhausted to empowered!

Think of this 6-week experience as Jedi Training for Empaths. We will laugh, cry (c’mon, we’re empaths!), share, learn, practice and evolve together. You will learn different tools and and practice them in safe space with other amazing women like you. The Empath Training Lab is a safe haven for you to feel seen and supported so you enjoy a more harmonious relationship with your sensitivities & superpowers.

Are you an empath ready to thrive in your life and biz?

I help empaths and highly sensitive solopreneurs ditch the cycles of overwhelm & exhaustion so they can live empowered, healthy lives!


Empaths who desire to learn a system of energy management and self-care practices to help them live a more empowered life.


The Empath Training Lab is a 6-week group course for empaths to share, learn and practice tools & techniques that support the 4 Pillars for Empath Health (Grounding, Protection, Clearing and Daily Self Care). This is a safe space for support, education, connection & personal growth.**

**If you are interested in this program, but are not comfortable doing this work in a social setting, Stacey highly recommends that you inquire about private coaching.

When & Where?

sundays from 10:00 am – 11:30 pm EST, zoom

Dates: Next Lab will be Oct 3-Nov 7

What’s Included?

  • Six, 90-minute classes that include group sharing, learning, practice time in a small group or with a partner, journaling and self-reflection. Classes are recorded. 
  • 1 private empath coaching session with Stacey for additional 1:1 support
  • Access to private Facebook group for ongoing conversation & connection
  • Mid-week check-ins with Stacey every week through Facebook Live (recorded)
  • A copy of The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD, mailed to your home

Topics Discussed…

  • Protecting yourself from others’ emotions
  • Over-identification: what is it and how to stop
  • The art of saying no
  • Navigating difficult social situations
  • Resetting your system
  • Discerning between your own energy and someone else’s
  • Releasing over-responsibility & guilt
  • Handling energy vampires
  • Raising kids who are empaths or highly sensitive
  • Living in harmony with your 80% family or partner
  • Connecting with your intuition & learning your body’s cues
  • Healing shame



(payment plan available)


Participants may choose any of the following to enhance their experience and foster deeper healing during or after this course. Many empaths have a dense energy body that is full of emotional pain that they’ve absorbed throughout their lives. HMR® can lighten this burden. Learn more on Stacey’s website.

6 weeks of health coaching: Add $1000
3 HMR sessions: Add $420
1 HMR session: Add $140

Ready to join?!

Registration for the next ETL opens Sept 20!