Workplace Wellness Programs

“Wow! What a great gift to give us employees… thank you, in advance. Stacey, I’m excited to meet you and to absolutely take advantage of this benefit and working with you. I’ll be looking forward to partnering up as I have been looking for accountability with my goals.”

“Totally LOVED the new concepts of the GBOMBS! What a fun call!”

“Thanks for another great session today! I’m super excited about this one!”

“Hey, thanks for the talk last Friday, it has made a difference in my life.”

“Stacey, I have been diligently moving every day!!”

“Thank you so much for all your help and support. I really appreciate it!”

“My hubby watched our last challenge call recording and now he is tracking his meals, weight and
activity! Woo hoo!!!”

“You might be delighted to hear that you are growing famous in our house—my son has found that he
actually likes mushrooms!”

“I’m on my way to being a healthy and active 120 year old!”

If you’re a business owner who values the health of your employees, please inquire to learn more about how we are optimizing wellness at the workplace!

Lucky Girl Health & Wellness now offers opportunities for small businesses to gift their employees ongoing access to a skilled and personable health coach who can help them design a lifestyle that nurtures a path toward optimal wellness through fun, engaging and high-quality group and private coaching experiences. Now more than ever, research demonstrates the value of workplace wellness and its positive impact on physical and mental health, absenteeism rates, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. We are living through an unprecedented time. By providing your employees the opportunity to work with an integrative nutrition health coach, you can help improve employee morale, mental health and physical wellbeing. Schedule your free consultation today!


  • Employees will grow excited to participate in fun monthly challenges and feel motivated to succeed
  • Employees will gain education on a variety of topics pertaining to holistic
    health & wellness that will inform their lifestyle choices and impact their performance at work in a positive way
  • Employees will get to know, like and trust Stacey as a valuable resource
    who can help them achieve their goals
  • Employees will feel a sense of camaraderie and motivation which will boost morale
  • Employees will begin to feel better, have more energy and perform at
    higher levels at work
  • Employees’ health will slowly improve, resulting in less time away from work due to illness
  • Employees will feel valued and recognized by their employer and peers when they win challenges/incentives
  • Group dynamics will improve as employees gain new respect for one


  • Introductory Kick-off Call
  • Monthly Challenge Calls (possible challenge topics include: GBOMBS- what are they and why should I eat them?; Start your Morning Right; Increase Nutrient Density; Clean Eating Challenge; Sleep Hygiene; Mindful Eating; Joyful Movement; Cultivating Creativity; Breathing 101, Self Care)
  • 1:1 Health History Consultation Calls
  • Incentivized, monthly check-in calls with each employee
  • Follow-up e-mails from Stacey 

POSSIBLE ADD-ONS (customizable):

  • Monday Meditations: 15 minute group guided meditation during lunch hour (recorded)
  • Lucky 7 Reset (one week, guided whole foods eating program)
  • Meal Planning Sessions