Client Love

Stacey provided me with so much helpful information in her 6-month program– resources and support which have helped me to regain control over my eating habits. I realized that I needed to eat in a more healthy and nutritious way, but for a long time I didn’t have the willpower to make the necessary changes on my own.

With Stacey’s excellent guidance and strengths-based approach, I’ve experienced a terrific transformation, both physically and emotionally, over the past few weeks! I’ve become very intentional with planning my shopping trips and preparing meals, which has been key for my success. I have developed better control of my eating habits and much to my surprise, I feel full and am not craving the sweet treats that I thought would be impossible for me to stop eating.

I have a heightened sense of mental clarity and focus which has been amazingly helpful to me personally and professionally. My energy level has increased and my weight has decreased by 6 pounds so far, woohoo!

I feel that I am a “lucky girl” and I’m looking forward to continued coaching with Stacey in her 6-month program!

Jackie G.

Health Coaching Client

My HMR® session with Stacey was nothing short of life-changing. I experienced deep healing in a way I never had before. Her gentle guidance and presence made me feel safe allowing me to go deep, as my body and mind were ready for the healing I was seeking. After our session was over I felt like my cells were tingling and I could literally feel lighter in my body. The experience of color was extraordinary and it has stayed with me every day since my session. I was and am amazed at how accessible this modality is with the expert facilitation of Stacey. I am delighted by my results and will certainly be back for more!

Marie F.

HMR®/HEAL Client

This 5-painting series was done by my client Patricia Dusman who used art to show her transformation throughout the HEAL program. You can view more of her work on her website,

I have been working with Stacey through her H.E.A.L. program and highly recommend it. After one HMR session, I was a believer and knew I needed to do more to help clear out those deeply held and hidden memories that have been impacting my life and holding me back. Through the gentleness of the HMR process, we were able to go back and reframe a painful injury as a baby I was completely unaware of. This upper back pain was untreatable by every medical specialist and alternative therapy practitioner I went to. It caused me great suffering and distress for many years. One session and it was gone for good. I couldn’t believe it. A true miracle. During subsequent sessions, we have cleared out other smaller physical and emotional sensations in the body. Between HMR sessions Stacey helps you make sense of the memories that came up and how they are connected to your present day life today. She gives you tools, information, and a roadmap to continue your life’s journey in a lighter and more grounded way. The difference has been profound in only a few short weeks.

Stacey is a gentle, generous, welcoming, supportive, and empowering soul. It has been a privilege to work with her.

Patricia D.

HEAL Program

I cannot begin to describe to you the power of this book club! Just like all things that have a deep impact, it’s hard to find the appropriate words to convey how it has helped me transform. The support , the insight and the connection has been a beautifully empowering resource as I peel back the layers of conditioning that we all experience in this life, to reach down deep, help me gain clarity and awareness in what rings true for me. The support of like minded women is a deeply healing gift to show you that you are not alone on this journey. The content is truly unique and I have had yet to find elsewhere on my healing adventure. We need more of this in the world! I am so very grateful for Stacey and this experience.


Book Club Member

I did a 7-day gentle, whole foods cleanse with Stacey, and I’m happy to report that I’m still going strong with healthier eating habits! I’ve lost about 10 pounds, am down a size, and more importantly am feeling SO MUCH BETTER overall. More energy, clear thinking, and just so much lighter.

I can’t recommend it any more highly! Basically I’m eating a lot more veggies, more organic, more healthy fats, and less sugar and processed foods. Meal prep takes some time and effort, but I’ve really grown to enjoy it, and it’s a no-brainer trade-off for all of the benefits I’ve gained. And hell, I’M WORTH IT!!!

If you’re looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, Stacey is definitely your gal. For her coaching, recipes, and guidance, it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Mary Beth G.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

I recently had an HMR session with Stacey. Although I was a little unsure what to expect, it turned out to be profoundly healing, and unlocked many tears. For years I’ve struggled to process some emotional pain. Talk therapy has helped somewhat, but I seemed to be stuck in patterns of thinking, feeling and responding. Stacey’s process of working with me was unlike anything I’ve experienced. She helped me bypass my overthinking mind, guiding me to listen deeply to my body. I was surprised at the memories that rose to the surface during our session, and Stacey used sensory techniques to help me frame my memories in a new way. I now have some tools that I can use for the rest of my life – I even used them today as some old memories began to rise up and cause a tightening in my chest. Stacey is so in tune and gentle, yet confident and wise. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Sasha S.

HMR®/HEAL Client

I had the pleasure to work with Stacey both in HMR® and her online course to become more aware of my truest, deepest and most powerful feminine self. The HMR® was fantastic and cut through a lifetime of experiences to provide extraordinary clarity, which immediately corrected my misperception. I was then far more free to walk without that heavy burden! And, Stacey’s online “Pussy: A Reclamation” book club is a MUST for every powerful woman to fully know, enjoy and love herself.

My life is happily different just 6 months after meeting Stacey! Yay!!

Kathy H.

Book Club Member, HMR® Client

Color healing meditations have been deeply, deeply healing and empowering for me.

It’s amazing and doesn’t make sense when I think about how quickly & powerfully it works. Within minutes I find myself in holographic space, and I’m connecting to levels & layers of myself that I didn’t know or remember were there, & feeling so much compassion and emotion. The meditative tools of HMR to connect with my true self, the use of colors to facilitate profound healing & the immediate effects and healing benefits are among the greatest gifts I think I’ve ever given myself.

Stacey is such a great healing guide. She holds space for and empowers me to listen to my body on a deeply intuitive level & then uses kind and simple teachings and beautiful loving energy to help me and encourage me to heal myself. Her guidance and loving, genuine, intuitive energy are such a welcoming presence. She isn’t the type of healer who’s so lofty / ungrounded that you can’t relate to her, yet at the same time she’s so beautiful and makes you feel truly honored and divine exactly as you show up in the world here and now. She has gifted tools to me that I’ve shared with loved ones, and they too have reported amazing benefits in guided or self-led practice. There is some amazing profound truth to this HMR work. It’s energy healing on a special level. Stacey is a special light for guidance and healing.

I recommend this practice for anyone who wants to heal. It changed my life. These tools will empower you on your journey & give you new perspective on your ability to heal yourself. Stacey is an amazing guide & you will thank yourself (past, present, and future) for this gift.

Marlene F.

HMR®/HEAL Client

There is something magical about Stacey where you just KNOW she’s got your back. I don’t open up quickly but doing HMR® with her just felt easy. The visualizing made it SO much easier to get in touch with what I was feeling, whereas usually it’s a real struggle. I got a ton of insight out of the process and I find it to be an amazing complement to other forms of self development. If you are beyond the books and the podcasts and looking for something deeper (but also gentle!), HMR is a totally different approach, and Stacey is your gal!

Margaret C.

HMR® Client

Experiencing HMR® with Stacey has been such a gift in my life. She’s held my hand with such tenderness and acceptance as I explored whatever memory needed to surface. Her ability to hold a safe space where I could heal was paramount to my experience. Her way of guidance and the encouragement for me to explore and transform my memories is so balanced with soft tenderness and strong conviction and validity that I could go deep faster. It’s been an absolute blessing to have Stacey guide my inner healing with HMR®.

Julie L.

HMR®/HEAL Client

I recently signed up to participate in the Lucky 7 Reset Cleanse. What an enlightening experience! I was amazed at how quickly I adapted to the clean, wholesome, daily eating habits and how interested my family, including elementary-aged kids, became in the healthier way of food prep and eating.

Eating healthy and focusing on non-processed foods has been a goal of my family for several years, and I viewed the Lucky 7 Reset Cleanse as an opportunity to focus on clean eating and incorporating more vegetables more consistently.

I’m grateful to Stacey for offering me a chance to participate in this life changing event!  Stacey is not only a knowledgeable Integrative Nutrition Health Coach but also extremely supportive and always available to answer questions. She kept me engaged during the cleanse by checking in daily, sharing creative recipes and food prep techniques, and asking thought-provoking questions to remind me why I was involved in the cleanse and to encourage consideration of how I would implement learnings moving forward.

What I’ve learned is eating clean and focusing primarily on Whole Foods does take time and planning; however, I also know that anything worth having in life takes time and hard work and my health and my family’s health is worth it! 

Amy H.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

Thank you, Stacey! YOU gave me the encouragement, knowledge and inspiration to join your cleanse! These are some of the ways I am LUCKY for having done the cleanse with you:

Lost – My craving for coffee! After years of a daily afternoon coffee to pick me up, I no longer need it! The coffee detox was tough on days 2 and 3, but then I was free! My new attitude is to enjoy coffee as I please, and not because it’s my habit, is freeing.

Unlock – Having an autoimmune disease, I finally had the motivation to open myself up to eating gluten-free and seeing if I could actively affect the inflammation in my body. This was a “maybe one day” until you helped me unlock and unblock where I was stuck so I could get out of my own way and just do it! It was a wonderful gluten-free week! It felt right for me and I’m still going strong.

Control – I was back in charge of what I put in my body. I prepared my own meals and brought them out with me. You had great, simple recipes and meal prep suggestions.

Knowledge – I loved learning from you! Wow! There was so much you packed into the week- you are an amazing educator. I relearned things I knew in a different way and soaked in new knowledge- new foods, dry brushing, breathing work, chewing with consciousness, meditation, journaling, giving gratitude and on and on!

You – I couldn’t have done it without you! You were the difference maker! I loved waking up in the mornings to your email of inspiration, game plan for the day, new ways of thinking about wellness and encouragement. With gentle authority, you helped me approach each day with intention and purpose so I could honor myself. I will always be grateful to YOU!

Laura G.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

Stacey has been an amazing resource for me on my spiritual journey. I started with her Pussy: A Reclamation book club which was a life changing experience to just be able to talk about something that has been so taboo for so long. It was such a wonderful experience that I continued to work with her on a deeper level. In private sessions with Stacey, I have been able to recognize the traumas that have held me in a state of fear for 45 years. We worked on releasing them in HMR®. Stacey is so present, kind and giving that these sessions flowed so naturally. The individual coaching I received was so personal and heart felt, I felt like I had my own personal cheerleader in my corner. The swamps were also a great release for emotion and negative patterns I have been holding in for so long. Her advice has been spot on, the assignments between sessions so helpful. She truly is an intuitive and I will be grateful for her forever and so is my yoni!!

Jacquie O.

Book Club Member, HMR® & Coaching Client

Over the course of last winter and through the spring, I had the pleasure of working with Stacey Friedman to help me achieve some health goals. Through some challenging conversations and deep reflections, my goals changed one by one as I learned that one size does not fit all. Utilizing HMR, I faced some difficult memories head-on, that I believe were holding me back and dragging me down in my sub-conscious. Stacey helped me to work through those memories and make peace with them. I’m grateful for Stacey’s expertise!

Megan H.

Health Coaching Client

When I sat with Stacey for my HMR session, I had no idea what to expect. I had been able to grasp the terminology and sentiment behind what the healing work Stacey would facilitate with me in a gentle, meditative state, so I knew I would be safe in her beautiful home office. As we began, there were a few moments that resonated with me to mention and work on during our time together, but Stacey truly helped me clear the space and focus in on one instance I felt a particular way. It was so interesting to me of what came up, subconsciously my mind had tucked away little bits of my past that make up my today, and with guided coaching, Stacey and I went there…we went thru scenarios that allowed me to gain control of triggering situations, resolve them in my memory, and move onto other connected feelings and sensations. I could sincerely feel Stacey’s pure, motherly, secure and warm energy coming thru as she slowly waved her hands around me to clear space for me. I too felt warm; I felt the energy passing thru my body as different areas were holding different memories. I never realized how much that held true until being in a HMR session with Stacey. I’ve developed such a love for the colors I saw during my session, which was professional, invigorating, insightful, healing and refreshing. Stacey makes you feel like you’re getting a hug the entire practice—she’s inviting, nonjudgmental and sincere. I was able to let go and open up to her as we dove deeper into my mind. I would truly recommend Stacey and her healing modality to anyone looking to resolve inner traumas or take care of baggage they want to finally leave behind. I loved being able to receive typed-up notes of my session a few days later to look back and reflect upon my experience as a whole. Now looking back a few weeks, I still think about what I talked with Stacey about in my HMR session, how it affects me in this moment, the colors still act as a calming process for me to utilize and I’m just excited to continue learning about myself in order to evolve and grow.

Rachel F.

HMR®/HEAL Client

I started the 7 day cleanse 14 days ago and I’m still going strong. Prior to January 7, I had terrible eating habits, knew I needed to change but didn’t know how. When I saw Stacey’s post for the cleanse I signed up immediately. I was so ready for a healthy change in my life and I just knew this was what I needed. I’m 66 but I knew change is possible at any age. 

I was excited for the cleanse to begin. I went to a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and stocked up on vegetables, seeds, nuts and beans. I spent that Sunday roasting vegetables, making broth and cooking soups and quinoa. Preparation is a big key to success. I had my meals for the week complete so every meal was ready with little prep. Other than a slight headache from caffeine withdrawal I had no adverse effects. 

The other big key to success is Stacey. The materials we were given prior to the cleanse allowed me to be thoroughly prepared. Everything is explained. What to eat, what not to eat, delicious recipes and an explanation of why this is important really set me on the right path. She was, and still is, so available. She provides support throughout the week with emails and Facebook. Stacey is so knowledgeable and really believes in living a healthy life. Her passion is contagious!

So on day 14 of my 7 day cleanse. I’m down 8 pounds, have more energy, more patience, fewer joint aches and pains, and just generally happier! I highly recommend!

Stephanie P.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

Stacey, Your book club gives me the community and connection I need. You are understanding and supportive and you know when to dig deeper and when to hold space. Reading the book on my own was great, but you made it real for me! Thank you! Xoxo


Book Club Member

I am a massage therapist and energy healer so I am very familiar with the fact that our physical bodies can hold echoes of our emotional experiences. But I haven’t experienced anything quite like the HMR session I had with Stacey. It was amazing. Using HMR techniques she led me through investigating pain or tension in my physical body and the emotional experience that it was holding. I was able to access specific memories from my past. These were – in my case, and on that day – memories that I wouldn’t have given a thought to, moments of experiences I barely remembered if at all. With Stacey’s gentle guidance and support I was able to identify the significance of the memory, the underlying emotional story. Then, I was able to give my Self what I needed to release the associated emotional anchor.

A note about emotional release. Yes, there was crying involved. I’m not usually comfortable crying in front of other people, but Stacey has such a non-judgmental, kind, loving, attentive presence that it was no big deal. Holding space for others is a skill and Stacey is very good at it.

In one sentence: This is profound work, Stacey is gifted at it, and I highly recommend her.

Sara Rossio

HMR®/HEAL Client, Wise Old Owl Coaching and Energy Healing

As a result of the HMR® sessions I’ve done with Stacey, I’ve been able to release my attachment to past traumatic experiences in a profound way, allowing me to move forward in my life. Stacey has a gift. She’s incredibly genuine and has the ability to hold space for me and make me feel safe and supported when opening up about emotional wounds. She’s non-judgmental, professional, gentle, and loving.

Jenn R.

HMR®/HEAL Client

I am not new to the energy healing profession but I have to say that this session with Stacey truly blew my mind and left me both speechless and painless. Stacey and I met over Zoom. She was able to guide me deep into meditation (alpha to theta brainwaves). The memories that came through were enlightening. I never would have guessed that they were associated with the pain I was feeling. I also didn’t imagine that I’d leave the session feeling pain-free and also lighter in energetic weight. I also really appreciated that Stacey gave me the tools to continue the healing process on my own, retrieve my own memories, and work through them. Thank you so much Stacey for your warm, nonjudgmental, loving, and healing presence. I highly recommend this work to anyone with trauma or chronic body pain.

Danna Y.

HMR®/HEAL Client

After a few years of enjoying the empty-nester life with my husband, I started feeling a void.  All I’d known for 33 years was to be a wife and a mother.  I am still a wife, and a mother, but the 27 and 30-year-old do not need their mother to help them with their homework or wipe their tears.  So, what is my purpose now?  How do I fill that void?  Who am I?  Where am I going?  I wanted more and I needed help finding it.  I was looking for guidance, and the Universe responded.  At the time I didn’t know it was the Universe guiding me, but after meeting with Stacey for just one session, I knew something or someone had led me to her for a reason.  Over the past several months Stacey has shown me how to find my new “why,” my new “purpose.” She has taught me the importance of self-care.  I now know it’s not just about taking care of others, but finding what brings me joy and happiness and sharing it with my family, friends, and even strangers.  Stacey has shown me a new way to approach life, how to explore new ideas and activities, and how to feed my desires, wants and needs.  But most importantly, to be the best person I can be.  I needed guidance and understanding and support, and that is exactly what Stacey has given me.  She has guided me in the most kind and gentle way, but with a fierce “you got this,” towards the things I was afraid to embody or never even knew existed.  Thank you, Stacey, from the bottom of my heart.

Becky H.

Health Coaching Client

Stacey has a calm, centered nurturing vibe that she brings to her coaching practices. I immediately felt at ease before we went into a group HMR®(Holographic Memory Resolution) session. A beautiful journey inward to gently face my own inner wounded child. It was a very gentle practice but was able to specifically identify patterns that have been surfacing for almost my entire life. This is powerful work and I can’t wait to explore this work deeper with Stacey and this methodology to heal more parts of myself.

Kori B.

HMR®/HEAL Client

HMR has been a powerful tool in my healing process. It demonstrates the influence our brains have over our physical well-being. The reframing of memories is almost an opportunity to create safety around a past trauma. Our minds are malleable enough to make these changes. Stacey is a master of support, enlightenment, and courage, as she guides you through the process of identification, experimentation, and healing. This process is a key to unlock a new door, a new pathway, a new perspective towards emotional and physical wellness. I am so grateful to have found Stacey in this journey; she is truly a master of her craft.

Eve P.

HMR®/HEAL Client

In a sea of health and life coaches, Stacey stands out for the power, depth and true lasting change of her work. If you are a woman who is overwhelmed by her responsibilities, feeling lost, burned out and dealing with chronic health issues, Stacey is a powerhouse of love, brilliance, empowerment and healing magic. With her ultra nurturing, gentle way, she is a wizard at helping you unearth, resolve and rewrite the underlying emotions, beliefs and causes of any imbalances, be they physical or emotional and guide you to take control of your life again once again. This is for the woman ready to stop giving herself away and taking care of everyone but herself (and all the endless irritation, depression, illness and angst that usually accompanies that) and ready to actually feel alive, joyous, centered, cared for and free once again. The work is powerful, life-changing and simply beautiful. Don’t wait another day.

Shirly Joy W.

HMR®/HEAL Client

I’ve been working through internal blocks that have kept me from manifesting what I want in my life. During the HMR session with Stacey, my body knew exactly what to do. It was a completely peaceful experience, and deep-rooted memories came up that needed healing. I immediately felt a shift in the universe and saw things open up for me after the session. For example, after my first session — literally the next day– I manifested a client for my business! This work made me realize that what I always thought was blocking me was actually something else buried so deep in my subconsciousness, I didn’t even know it was there.

Court L.

HMR®/HEAL Client

This is not your average book club, nor is it for the fainthearted! The books are deep, moving, and challenging, but so, so rewarding. The community I have found in this club is like nothing else in my life: a 100% safe space to explore and grow. So grateful to Stacey for creating this group!

Margaret C.

Book Club Member

I did the 7 day cleanse with my husband this past summer. I’ve done many programs in the past, but this was by far the most beneficial. I’ve had a lot of digestive issues that I couldn’t pin point the cause. This cleanse gave me a chance to strip away the layers to start the investigation process. That was my initial desire of participating in the cleanse as well as finding new recipes and ideas to continue to eat healthy. I gained so much more out of that week than I expected. I gained energy, I slept better, and above all else, I felt better.

The first two days were really rough, and I discovered I needed healthy grains which I had removed. Once I adding in healthy grains like brown rice and quinoa, my body soared with delight. My husband discovered he needed meats, and that was the first thing we put back into our diet after the cleanse. That is what is amazing about the cleanse, is taking that time to discover what works or doesn’t work for your specific body.

We decided we would do the cleanse on our own every so often, and have already participated in another 7 day cleanse on our own. This is helpful for me personally, as I have been trying to pinpoint my digestive issues. I discovered it was dairy related, but not all dairy is created equal. Within my process, I began to feel awful all the time again, and the second cleanse helped my body get rid of all that junk once again. It will be a process for me, but I am forever grateful for this cleanse process to re-center my mind, my body, and my digestive system.

Stacey S.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

Stacey is intuitive, empathic, approachable and incredibly authentic. She has this amazing ability to see people in their authenticity within minutes of meeting them, thus leading to real, honest conversation. She does this with wonderful approachability, trust, and kindness while always respecting established boundaries. It’s easy to share with her and feel safe. When she gives feedback or insight it’s with permission, sincere intention, and direct.  She is warm and intuitive naturally, so you’re able to have direct conversation without it ever feeling forced. She has an unyielding ability to hold space for others emotionally and meet them where they’re at and as they are, with incredible patience. 

Becky M.

HMR®/HEAL Client

Working with Stacey in her coaching program has helped me gain direction for my life. It has helped me find ways to be more involved with my kids since my work makes that difficult. I also found a better schedule for myself so I don’t feel like I’m going through cycles of catching up on things constantly. Stacey really helped me pinpoint my core issues and helped me work together with my husband to achieve some of my goals. With her support I was able to get more consistent with my habits and to focus on my most important goals like curbing alcohol and sugar consumption, losing weight, and mastering my time management skills. Stacey is sweet and very helpful in getting you to think about things you can’t see. With her help, I created a solid foundation to work from to help me continue to achieve my future goals.

Stacy M.

Health Coaching Client

I have suffered with IBS all my life..and I have tried to cut out many things in the past but that only left me feeling hungry and depleted. After Day 3 of the 7 Day Cleanse I noticed things about myself that I never knew were missing! 

I have always considered myself to have pretty good skin but I have never felt more “shiny” than I did with her regimen! Also,I noticed that I was much calmer about certain situations that in the past might have made my anxiety sky rocket.

I also noticed that I slept better, more energy and most importantly my stomach didn’t hurt at all during the week and on top of all that I lost 6 pounds! Never once did I feel deprived of yummy meals and snacks! 

The Facebook group made it easy to stay on track and I looked forward to Stacey’s daily emails. Her daily tips were very useful and I have incorporated a lot of her wellness tips into my daily routine! 

I have so many great thing to say about Stacey and her love of making people feel great! I not only have I gained confidence about how I feel and look but I have gained so much knowledge on how food really does make a difference!

Keli B.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

This past year as I walked my path, there were many twists, turns, tall mountains to climb, and cold rough waters to swim. In May, I felt like I was treading water for hours with 30 lb weights on each foot. I was barely keeping my nose above water. It was hard to breathe.

I was in a doldrum. A doldrum is a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression. Like I said Life was hard at that moment and I needed a change. I was aware that I needed a change. I had said it out loud to my friends and family.

In May, before teacher appreciation week our fabulous PTO went around and compiled gift cards donated from all over our town to raffle off to teachers.

During the raffle my name was called and my bag was delivered to my classroom. I opened it and saw a card labeled “Hello, Beautiful.” I read the description and cried. The universe was listening, this was exactly what I needed.

I was nervous to make the first appointment, but I reached out to Stacey. What happened after was wonderful. Stacey awakened my quest for spirituality and finding peace within my busy life. This was the change my life needed. Stacey helped me by listening and talking through some of my current situations. She was able to help guide me and point out specific things in my life that I needed to focus on or let go of. She was phenomenal at giving me a different perspective. The session I had with Holographic Memory Resolution® was incredible and very emotional.

Life is beautiful.
Life can be hard.

BUT there are tools to help you balance life. Stacey helped me discover and become aware of the tools I needed to create balance in my life in order to drop the 30 lb weights holding me down.

Thank you Stacey for your help in awakening ME!
I’m a Lucky Girl.


Health Coaching/HMR® Client

Wow! This is profound stuff and Stacey’s authenticity, bravery, and heart shine a light to guide the way. Participating in Pussy: A Reclamation book club was a refreshing experience. I explored topics I thought were taboo. It is incredibly impactful to be held, welcomed and even encouraged to share and explore those thoughts and feelings I thought I had to cover up, deny and hide my entire life.
Thank you so much Stacey.

Julie L.

Book Club Member

I started the cleanse feeling overwhelmed and apprehensive. Money is tight, I’m not much of a cook and I’m not used to planning food out. At the same time I was on a weight loss journey and more importantly I was trying to focus on being healthy so I was excited to challenge myself!

When Monday started I hit the ground running and I was pleasantly surprised at how I acclimated to this new way of thinking! Even more importantly my family was really interested in what I was doing! We tried new recipes all week long and it was fun to discover new foods! But my biggest take away was learning I was indeed capable of changing things up. Someone who was used to eggs every morning learned about foods like quinoa and chia seed pudding. For dinner I tried zoodles for the first time and really enjoyed it! Things I’ve read about but never had the courage to make. I made my own hummus which was amazingly easy and so yummy!

And during every step I had the support of the Facebook group and Stacey. It was great to see what others were doing and to try their recipes. Stacey is one of the most genuinely caring people I’ve ever met and she was there every step of the way. Her knowledge and insight is invaluable and I am so glad she was the one to guide me through this experience! I highly recommend taking on the challenge because I am confident that you will discover a side of yourself that will surprise you and any apprehension you started with will be replaced with a confidence that you can do anything you put your mind to! Thank you Stacey!

Kristin W.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

I started the cleanse with Stacey because I needed a refresh, a detox, a fresh start.

I was blown away by all of the content, recipes, and information that Stacey had in her cleanse packet. It made me feel very supported and comfortable jumping into a whole week of clean eating. 

I am not new to detoxes and cleanses or cooking at home so I was really pleasantly surprised to see Stacey’s recipes were new and different (things I had never tried before). I had forgotten how fun food could be.

Aside from losing several pounds, I reduced my bloating, and my constant nausea. My mind was more clear, I felt grounded, and my energy was higher. 

For me the best part about the cleanse was the community of women who interacted each day, supported each other, and shared their struggles and successes.

Stacey who is so incredibly knowledgable, was available for us and showed up to support us in the group (and in e-mail) each day. It was a breath of fresh air! I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who is looking for a fresh start and would like the support of a loving coach.

Danna Y.

Lucky 7 Reset Client

When I first saw Stacey’s advertisement on Facebook, I immediately felt the need to reach out.  I had been going through a weight loss journey for what seemed like the millionth time.  I had joined Weight Watchers again and was having a lot of success after numerous attempts in the past.  I was very concerned about my ability to keep the weight off.  I decided I needed to change my mindset as well as my habits and that’s why I felt compelled to see what Stacey had to offer. 

From the moment I met her I felt like we had been best friends for years.  She was so easy to talk to and I loved being able to speak freely without feeling judged in the slightest.   Stacey has an amazing way about her and her love and understanding is limitless.  She became such an important part of my life so quickly. 

She helped me to recognize my self- defeating habits and replaced them with self-love.  She equipped me with working strategies for every roadblock I struggled with.  When my mom had a massive stroke I realized that weight loss was only a small portion of taking care of myself and Stacey was the perfect person to help show me the way.  I learned the importance of taking every aspect of myself into consideration when it comes to health including physical, mental, and spiritual health.  It was such a difficult time of my life and I always knew I could depend on Stacey to be my rock and more importantly I gained the skills to become my own rock.

As a mother of 3 beautiful girls, I know that they are watching me and will mimic my bad habits as well as the good ones.  With Stacey’s help I’ve learned to focus more on the good habits and be a good role model for them.  I don’t ever want my girls to have to go through the gut wrenching pain I’ve gone through with my mom’s stroke.  I believe with all my heart that everything happens for a reason and crossing paths with Stacey was no exception.  I am so grateful that I did what my gut was telling me to do because Stacey helped me in so many different areas of my life and I don’t know how I would have made it through those times without her. 

Thank you Stacey for all the love and support!  You will forever have a special place in my heart and I look forward to having your friendship in my life for many years to come!  Love ya!

Kristin W.

Health Coaching Client

This is a letter to express my gratitude for finding Stacey Friedman as a health coach one year ago. Stacey and I met in a networking group. She and I connected instantly and she was extremely warm and friendly which drew me in even more so.

Stacey provided me with Integrative Health coaching for compulsive eating that I have been struggling with since I’ve been a young girl. This issue is also tying into behaviors that I have not been able to break regarding people pleasing and stress in my life.

Stacey took a one-on-one approach, listens and offered advice as well as tools that were able to help me navigate through a very stressful time. One of the things that she told me during our coaching was to set aside Time 1 hour a day just for me. To this day, a year later, I still have an alarm set in my phone that reminds me it is my “golden hour .”

I know that my goals were to improve relationships, reduce stress in my everyday life, learn how to eat healthier and clean food. We made goals and I felt I reached my goals with her. It is ongoing and I know that she made a difference in my life and helps me to boost my self-esteem and gave me the courage to take steps to improve my life. I would highly recommend Stacey for anyone struggling with similar issues. She is a warm and loving and genuine person. I admire her for taking the initiative to help others. I would recommend her to anyone struggling and have recommended her to family members and friends.

I would consider her great asset and possibly a good person to talk to if I encounter more needs in this area.

Lauren M.

Health Coaching Client