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I am Stacey Friedman, version 2.0. I am also an integrative nutrition health coach, an HMR® Practitioner, an author, a happy wife and mother of 2, and a passionate advocate for helping those who desire to live a healthier life. It wasn't too long ago that I was Stacey 1.0  She looked a lot like me, but usually felt stuck. Foggy. Uncomfortable in her clothes. Exhausted. Back then I didn't have the tools to begin the work I knew I needed to do. I didn't know where to even begin. I was too overwhelmed with life until the momentous day I finally heard it: The Whisper.  It begged of me to nourish my body. To slow down. To get still. To heal. So I did. I took action-- consistent, small steps--  and the changes that followed have completely transformed my life.  Today I am clear, inspired, full of energy, connected, and balanced (well, at least most days!).  We all have a Whisper inside, but not all of us can hear it.  Even if we can, some of us need a little help figuring out how to take the first step. I was lucky enough to have some special people help me find my 2.0.  Now I long to light the way for you. I am so happy you are here. 


Your Free Consultation

At your initial consultation, I will be ready to listen with open ears and an open heart while you share your health and wellness goals with me. Once we begin our work together, I will make a few, small recommendations every 2 weeks. These may be related to your diet, exercise, cooking, self-care, relationships, job, home environment,  spirituality, or releasing past trauma. Whatever it is, you'll be leading the way while I support you and hold you accountable!  A win-win! With a Masters in Education and certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am ready to bring you the knowledge and tools you need to grow into a healthier, more empowered version of yourself!

My Unique Approach


Being a student at IIN has organically supported the way I live my 2.0 life.  Through teaching you the school's main framework, you, too, will get more in touch with what true health and wellness mean. As your integrative nutrition health coach, I will help you implement new habits that work for your life. I will support you with IIN's Circle of Life tool and teach you about bioindividuality. What I won't do is prescribe, diagnose, or treat. Instead, I will make recommendations for basic, health-supportive behavior changes. Whether your goal is losing weight, eating healthier, feeling more energized, or finding more balance and joy, I'm here to help you succeed. You can learn more about IIN here.

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