Mine is helping empaths, highly sensitive leaders, entrepreneurs, healers and seekers reach their highest potential and experience the supergrowth they are destined for.

Do your sensitivities often overwhelm you?

Do you struggle TO…

  • Stay grounded in your own energy?
  • Clear yourself of the weight of others’ emotions?
  • Take on too much responsibility for everyone else’s happiness?
  • Feel your own yes’s and no’s?
  • End the cycles of pushing, hiding, and burning out?
  • Connect with your intuition?
  • Take loving, tender care of yourself?

What if you had the right support to help you move through the world feeling more peaceful, aligned and empowered?

What if you could see your sensitivity as your greatest gift, and not a burden? What if you could shift the patterns that keep you stuck in survival mode so you could actually thrive? The truth is that many of your struggles stem from the fact that you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)! Good news. I’ve got you.

I’ve created this masterclass video for you to learn more about what it means to be highly sensitive and how to leverage your gifts so you can thrive in the world.

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Are you ready for the supergrowth you’re destined for?

The path to stepping into your personal power is not meant to be walked alone.

I welcome you to click the buttons below and explore how I can help you take your first step.

unsure where to begin?

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SEE THE CLIENT transformations.

Stacey's monthly challenges and 1-on-1 calls have really helped me adjust in many aspects of life. Lately, her summer "Wellness Wednesday" has been a good tool to break up the day and take 20 mins to us, understanding the importance of that mid-day break.

Jordan Goldman

Stacey is always so uplifting and encouraging! I have learned so much over the past year or so and the program has helped with everything from sleep to time management. I am eating mostly healthy, sleeping better, paying closer attention to how I do things (movement) and how much time I waste on things like Facebook. It's been awesome!

Laurel Hays

I always appreciate the accountability to do what I set out to do - and the help with new or enhanced strategies I can use in achieving my goals. Being able to articulate what I want to accomplish and having the tools to track my progress and then talk through it has been really helpful. In particular, and most recently, working on taming my inbox took me out of a state of such stress and overwhelm ... I just can't articulate how big of a burden it was. The strategies and tools Stacey shared helped me be more productive AND kept me sane!

Kimberlee Langford

Before working with Stacey, there were things I thought I couldn't do--now I realize those were just constructs that can be torn down and replaced with empowerment.

Crystal Clemente

I've been able to completely transform my life by narrowing my focus, allowing myself to prioritize the most important two or three things day-to-day, that set me up for success and create a sustainable foundation for joy by virtue of a holistic approach to my personal health and well-being.

Craig Clemente

Stacey's programs, guidance and coaching have proved invaluable in the improvement of not only my work life but also my personal life, as long as I put in the required effort to work towards my goals. I thoroughly enjoy most of the monthly challenges and appreciate the support I receive from Stacey. I love that she has helped me to pivot and adjust my goals as necessary and that she has helped me to adjust my perspective regarding where I am with said goals and what I am currently able to achieve based on the ever-changing demands of my work and personal life. From the bottom of my heart Stacey, thank you for everything that you have done to support me and help me to improve the quality of my life!

Lyndsi Carter

Coaching and HMR with Stacey has been a life changing experience for me over the past 3-4 years we have peeled back many layers to my very complicated and trauma filled life. Today I feel more confident and in alignment with my true inner self thanks to all the hard work we have done together.

Carolyn Kendrick

Stacey holds space for her sisters in such a loving, authentic, and goddess like way. She expresses femininity, power, courage, and love. Stacey always responds in a non-judgemental way which provides a safe space for myself and others to feel through our emotions and promote healing. Stacey is the coach that every women needs.

Courtney Cusat

How do I keep this brief?! Working with Stacey has changed my life utterly and completely. The person I am today is so drastically different, freer, and more confident than when I first started working with her in 2020. I broke off a toxic/narcissistic relationship that I felt trapped in, lost thirty pounds with ease, and found my way back to myself after straying so far over the last decade. I've also learned lots of tools to regulate my emotional state so I feel more empowered, no matter what shows up in my days. On top of that, after feeling isolated for years, I have found a soft place to land in the community of like-minded people Stacey has cultivated. I just don't know where I'd be without her loving guidance. In fact, I'd rather not think of it! If you're considering working with her, stop considering and simply start. There's so much goodness you can't even imagine waiting on the other side...

Margaret Cogswell

Stacey provides a beautiful, and sacred space for every offering that she creates. She does it in the most compassionate way, holds space for all of my feelings. She is the most compassionate, beautiful, kind soul I know!

Yana Altbregen

Stacey held a powerful, safe, compassionate space for the parts of me that most needed attention to come to the fore. I felt deeply witnessed and held in her presence. My experience of HMR with Stacey was profoundly healing. I’d highly recommend working with Stacey to anyone who is tired of feeling weighed down by the burdens of the past who is ready to open up new ways of relating to themselves and others to create a more vibrant and coherent life. Stacey is a master guide toward the greater future that you can sense is out there but you haven’t quite figured out how to get there!

Kristin Lauria

I have a pretty intense trauma history that has been too much for many practitioners. Not Stacey. Doing HMR and parts work together always helps me so much and is so deeply healing - sessions with her always take me somewhere unexpected, and always help me make some kind of massive leap. She understands healing innately, she is gentle and caring and protective, and she is an amazing human. Love her and cannot recommend her enough.

Annie G

Stacey's suggestions were presented in such a positive and mature way, makes it easier to acknowledge and least initiate the changes, especially for someone such as myself who does not take direction well if not presented in a mature and sensible manner. which she does.

Rick Garrison

GRAB YOUR EMPATH EMPOWERMENT TOOLKIT In my toolkit, you'll hear more about my story, get a sneak peek into one of my ​empowerment programs​ and get access to my signature masterclass, Sensitivity is Your Superpower, where you'll learn a ton of information about what it means to be an HSP and empath, and how to work with it.